Scottsdale Spa For One offers luxurious and healing Massage Therapy. Good for the Mind, Body and Soul! Our highly trained and fully licensed staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and friendly and we care about you. We will customize a session based on you as an individual as we are not a cookie cutter spa.

Our spa sessions are designed to produce positive results, whether you are receiving our High Intensity Deep Tissue Massage or our delicious and relaxing Lomi Lomi sessions.  All of your senses with be indulged and you will be transported into a state of euphoric bliss. Not only is this a luxury service, it is one of life's most basic needs, human touch and the ultimate in stress relief. Let's face it, life is busy, but your body/mind and spirit should not have to suffer for it!

We offer all of our services by appointment only, with some impromptu sessions available, just stop in and ask!


Please specify the type of Body Work and length you would like when booking your appointment so that I may properly prepare. All Therapists have a license to perform Massage.

Four Hand Massage (2 Therapists option) is available Male or female partner option available for you. WE LOVE COUPLES! Ask about our side by side session!



Traditional Massage

Swedish/Deep Tissue. Long, flowing strokes, light and deep pressure gentle rocking and stretching, restores and rejuvenates.




Pure Bliss Session

For those of you who prefer something a little more lavish, bask in the calm of this healing option. You can breathe easy knowing that it is time to let all your worries go, even if just for a little while. Life is good! This session is a total Hawaiian experience which includes a Lomi Lomi style Massage, Aromatherapy, hot oil, Hot Stones, scalp and face Massage and Reflexology. Very sensous in nature, your body will melt and your worries will disappear.


High Intensity Sports Massage

Are you into sports or does your body just need something deeper with some light stretching? Than try this session. Muscles are warmed through various strokes and hot stones (upon request). I will kneed and stretch and use cross fiber friction and trigger point as well as deep full body compression work for a deep and healing session. (I really work hard for you in this session)! Perfect for athletes and gym goers.

Women’s Retreat Mind Body and Spirit Healing

We all need a bit of personal relaxation, but sometimes we don't want to feel  that we are being judged about how we dress, or how we look. Why should you have to get "dressed up" to get relaxed? Cut the stress out of your spa experience.

With our small private spa you can get the personalized sessions you want in an environment that is all about you. We don't care if you show up in pink bunny slippers and a bathrobe. Our female staff will make you feel like a princess for an hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours. We offer spa treatments that include wraps, massage, and scrubs.This session is infused with Reiki Energy and you can add on Hot stones or any other Treatment for a small additional fee. Customize a session that is right for you!

Add on services:

*Reiki Healing Session

*Tarot Reading/Spiritual Counseling

*Full Body Scrub



Three years ago I was contacted by a few different daily deal sites that presented me with deal options that promised me to build my business and help me become prosperous and busy.

You can read the YELP reviews that we fell behind, but there are several real life reasons connected to all of this that we won’t get into here.  There are several negative reviews about us on YELP and they are all the ones that are clearly displayed and viewable to the public that affects the rating. Before the daily deals we had 4-5 stars, now we have 2. If this is important to you please note that we also have many, many more positive reviews from non voucher clients that are legit and positive speaking highly of our location, staff and Massage abilities. YELP will not display them and they are in the filtered section. YELP will not even allow an explanation from us to remain up on their site.

Please take the time to read all of our reviews so that you may make an informed real choice on your Therapy options, not just the ones allowed up  by YELP.  Thank you.

Business Address:

4227 N. Brown Ave, Suite 4.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


We accept Cash Only. We are open 7 days by appointment only with some impromptu availability, come in and ask!

WALK IN SPECIAL!  Mention that you saw our ad in the NEW TIMES and get our NEW TIMES SPECIAL!

$99 Swedish Massage and Foot Scrub!